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RF Microwave and wireless free Tutorial

Introduction to RF and Microwave Engineering

  • The RF and Microwave Spectrum
  • Frequency Ranges
  • The Frequency Domain
RF Microwave and Wireless free Tutorial-Introduction

The Decibel

RF Microwave and wireless free Tutorial

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RF Microwave and Wireless free Tutorial-Introduction

Noise in Communication Systems

  • Introduction
  • Thermal Noise
  • The Noise Figure and Noise Factor
  • Noise Figure
  • Noise Characteristics of Two-Port Networks
  • Sensitivity
  • The Measurement of Noise Figure
RF Microwave and wireless Free Tutorial-Noise in Communication Systems

Non Linearity Effects

  • Nonlinearities Basics-1 dB compression point
  • Nonlinearities
  • 2nd Order intercept
  • Two-tone driving – intermodulation
  • In-Band and Harmonic Band Spectra
  • Second and Third Order Intercept Points
  • Measuring Nonlinear Behavior
  • IMD Videos
  • Third order Spurious Free Dynamic Range, SFRD-3
  • IM3 and SFDR Calculator
  • Cascaded & Liniarity Anallysis

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RF and Microwave Components

  • Passive Components
  • RF Coax Cable Connectors
  • RF Switches
  • Attenuators
  • Tee and Pi Attenuators Calculator
  • PIN Diode Attenuators
  • Microwave Phase Shifters and I-Q Modulators
  • Phase Shifters and I-Q Modulators-Theory of Operation
  • Power dividers and directional couplers
  • Directional Coupler Calculator
  • Isolators and Circulators
  • Limirers
RF microwave and Wireless free Tutotial-RF and Microwave Components


  • What is a mixer?
  • Single Diode Mixer: Ideal Commutator vs. Realistic Diode
  • Mixer Balance
  • Mixer Performance Metrics

The Network Analyzer

  • Network Analyzer Basics
  • Network analyzer hardware
  • Network analyzer hardware-Cont’d
  • Calibration Topics
  • Example measurements

VNA video tutorial

RF and Microwave Filters

  • Under Construction

Frequency sources and synthesizers

  • PLL frequency synthesizer
  • Phase locked loop- PLL
  • Synthesizer PLL Phase Noise
  • VCO phase noise videos
  • Microwave Oscillators
  • DDS-Direct-Digital-Synthesis

Transmitter and Receiver architectures

  • Superheterodyne Receiver
  • Direct Conversion Receiver
  • Software Radio

Modern transceiver design for RFIC based applications

RF Microwave and wireless free Tutorial

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 Wireless Communication Systems

  • Link Equation and Link Budget
  • EIRP- effective isotropic radiated power and G/T Parameters
  • Link Budget Calculators

Wireless Calculators

 Wireless Standards

  • Introduction to LTE
  • Introduction to-Wi-Fi
  • Introduction to Bleutooth
  • Zigbee Technology


  • Antenna Characteristics
  • Polarization of electromagnetic waves
  • Half-wave Antenna
  • Yagi Antenna

Micro strip Antenna

Parabolic antenna

Antenna measurements

Antennas-Video Lectures

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RF Microwave and wireless free Tutorial-Distributed Antenna System - DAS


RF Microwave and wireless free Tutorial

NFC-Near Field Communication

  • Introduction to NFC
  • Standardization of NFC
  • The standardization bodies – Cont’d
  • Physical Principles
  • Data Transmission
  • Architecture
  • Operating Mode